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Остео-Форте 60 капсули Нова формула

93,00 лв.

Кат. номер: 148
Марка: AquaSource

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93,00 лв.

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AquaSource Osteo-Forte " New improved formula "

Important for bone and joint nutrients, combined into one formula for maximum absorption

 AquaSource Osteo-Forte has a new formula to support further bone health. It contains plenty of those powerful natural nutrients and co-factors that support and are geared towards those health problems. Vitamin D in AquaSource Osteo-Forte is carefully harvested from organic mushrooms.

 The ingredients in AquaSource Osteo-Forte work sinertgiya to ensure maximum nutrition of bones and joints. Now contains over 90% organic constituents .

AquaSource Osteo-Forte contains a well researched range of nutrients that support bone health. The formula of this product is designed to optimize the effective utilization to maximize its potential.

 Key Ingredients:

 Magnesium (organic seaweed) - contributes to normal muscle function, maintain healthy bones and to reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

 Calcium (organic seaweed rich in calcium) - contributes to normal muscle function and maintain healthy bones.

 Vitamin D2 - contributes to normal absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus to maintain normal bone and muscle function. Now carefully sourced organic mushrooms.

 Vitamin K2 - AquaSource Osteo-Forte now contains the new K2Vital® Delta form of vitamin K2 - up to 20% absorbed . This unique process of double microencapsulation offers the best possible protection from the harshness and severity of certain minerals.

 Food co-factors - other nutrients in the product are ionic minerals, zinc, boron, and the enzymes protease, lipase and amylase.

 Key Benefits - provided naturally by our ingredients:

  • Excellent balance of natural nutrients that support good bone health.
  • A combination ensuring maximum absorption of nutrients.
  • Includes Vitamin K2 to aid deposition of calcium in joints
  • Contains calcium and vitamin D , which keep bones and joints healthy.
  • Magnesium helps to reduce fatigue.

 Health claims approved by EFSA:

 Magnesium , calcium, vitamin D - for the normal muscular function and maintain healthy bones and magnesium - to reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

 Vitamin K - for the maintenance of normal bones.

 Data for allergens:

Does not contain allergens according to Regulation (EU) № 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers.

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